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Friday, February 10, 2012

Murderous Puppets, Go Down with the Ship

Could a puppet have committed a murder in The Memory of Blood by Christopher Fowler? It's a witty and suspenseful Golden-Age style British mystery featuring the Peculiar Crimes Unit- they solve cases that are too strange for regular police operations. The detectives investigate the creepy history of Punch and Judy shows.

 It's the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and you can slip back into that time through The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott. An aspiring seamstress gets a chance to wait on a world-renowned fashion designer during an ocean journey. Unfortunately, it's on the Titanic. History, courtroom drama and romance combine to make an engaging read.

In The Book of Jonas by Stephen Dau, a Muslim boy is rescued by an American soldier during a botched military operation and is sent to live in the United States where he does not thrive, despite a well-meaning foster family and therapy. A chance meeting between the boy and the soldier's grieving mother reveals that there is even more tragedy to the story. "A sobering and accomplished read meant to prick the conscience; highly recommended," says Library Journal.

See what else will be appearing on the New Fiction shelves at Schlow below.    

Ahmed, Saladin. Throne of the Crescent Moon. Daw Books. 2/7/2012. Fantasy

Alcott, Kate. The Dressmaker. Doubleday Books. 2/21/2012.

Barnard, Robert. A Charitable Body: A Novel of Suspense. Scribner Book Company. 1/3/2012. Mystery

Bisson, Terry. Any Day Now. Overlook Press. 3/1/2012.

Blake, James Carlos. Country of the Bad Wolfes. Cinco Puntos Press. 1/31/2012.

Bova, Ben. Power Play. Tor Books. 1/3/2012. Sci-Fi

Brown, Dale. Tiger's Claw. William Morrow & Company. 8/14/2012.

Caldwell, Laura. Question of Trust. Mira Books. 2/21/2012.

Cameron, Peter. Coral Glynn. Farrar Straus Giroux. 2/28/2012.

Clark, Cassandra. A Parliament of Spies: A Mystery. Minotaur Books. 1/31/2012. Mystery

Cole, Myke. Shadow Ops: Control Point. Ace Books. 1/31/2012.

Dau, Stephen. The Book of Jonas. Blue Rider Press. 3/15/2012.

De Jonge, Peter. Buried on Avenue B. Harper. 7/24/2012.

D'Iachenko, Serhii. The Scar. Tor Books. 2/28/2012. Fantasy

Duncan, Alice. Ancient Spirits. Five Star (ME). 2/8/2012. Mystery

Dunn, Matthew. Sentinel: A Spycatcher Novel. William Morrow & Company. 8/7/2012.

Ebersohn, Wessel. Those Who Love Night. Minotaur Books. 1/31/2012. Mystery

Edwards, Selden. The Lost Prince. Dutton Books. 8/16/2012.

Epstein, Leslie. Liebestod: Opera Buffa with Leib Goldkorn. W. W. Norton & Company. 2/13/2012.

Erickson, Steve. These Dreams of You. Europa Editions. 1/31/2012.

Fairstein, Linda. Night Watch. Dutton Books. 7/10/2012.

Fowler, Christopher. The Memory of Blood: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery. Bantam. 3/27/2012. Mystery

Frankel, Laurie. Good-Bye for Now. Doubleday Books. 8/7/2012.

Fultz, John R. Seven Princes. Orbit. 1/3/2012. Fantasy

Garwood, Julie. Sweet Talk. Dutton Books. 8/7/2012.

Gorman, Ed. Blindside: A Dev Conrad Mystery. Severn House Publishers. 1/1/2012. Mystery

Gregory, Susanna. Mystery in the Minster. Little, Brown Young Readers. 11/1/2011. Mystery

Grossman, Paul. Children of Wrath. St. Martin's Press. 2/28/2012. Mystery

Hambly, Barbara. Ran Away. Severn House Publishers. 12/1/2011. Mystery

Hillenbrand, Laura. Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. Random House Large Print Publishing. 11/16/2010. Large Print Nonfiction

Houellebecq, Michel. The Map and the Territory. Knopf Publishing Group. 1/3/2012.

Jacobs, Jonnie. Paradise Falls. Five Star (ME) 3/7/2012. Mystery

Jaffarian, Sue Ann. Gem of a Ghost. Midnight Ink. 2/8/2012. Mystery

Jahn, Ryan David. The Dispatcher. Penguin Books. 12/27/2011.

Jance, J.A. Judgment Call: A Brady Novel of Suspense. William Morrow & Company. 7/24/2012.

Kluge, P.F. The Master Blaster. Overlook Press. 3/29/2012.

Kowalski, David. The Company of the Dead. Titan Books (UK). 3/13/2012. Science Fiction

Leonard, Elmore. Raylan. William Morrow & Company. 1/17/2012.

McComas, Mary Kay. What Happened to Hannah. William Morrow & Company. 2/7/2012.

Robertson, Imogen. Anatomy of Murder. Pamela Dorman Books. 2/16/2012. Mystery

Shrier, Howard. Boston Cream. Vintage Books Canada. 1/31/2012. Mystery

Thompson, Victoria. Murder on Fifth Avenue. Berkley Publishing Group. 5/1/2012. Mystery

Vincent, Norah. Thy Neighbor. Viking Books. 8/2/2012.

White, Stephen. Line of Fire. Dutton Books. 8/7/2012.

Williams, Mazarkis. The Emperor's Knife. Night Shade. 11/29/2011. Fantasy

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