Books Just Ordered

Monday, April 16, 2012

Look what we bought!

Lots of interesting new books are now part of Schlow's collection.

Two books happen to have watery deaths in their titles: Drowned by Therese Bohman is set in the lovely Swedish countryside in an ominous thriller with changing alliances between the three main chracters. In The Drowning Girl by Caitlyn Kiernan, schizophrenic India Morgan Phelps (she goes by Imp) tries to write her memoir while dealing with the shifting realities in her mind. Fantasy, art, ghosts and mental illness mix together to create a suspenseful, original story.

Two noir books: Three A.M. by Steven John takes place in a world that just had a deadly plague and is also covered by a mysterious fog. People can only see a few feet in front of them and have to navigate by touch and dim lights. A beautiful woman in a red dress needs help solving a murder from P.I. Tom Vale. Can he fumble his way to solve the underlying conspiracy?  Budapest Noir by Vilmos Kondor is set in the fear-inducing and freedom-tightening time before World War II. Crime reporter Zsigmond Gordon works the streets to solve the mystery of a Jewish prostitute. "Dark and edgy, with interesting characters and locales," says Kirkus Reviews.

Jane Austen the vampire is back for a third book in Janes Vows Vengeance by Michael Thomas Ford. Can she defeat her vampire nemesis Charlotte Bronte? Will she find Crispin's Needle, a relic that will make her human again and able to live a mortal life with her sweet fiance Walter?

Kirkus Reviews says "Never mind if you're a baseball fan. This is a damn fine read," about The Might Have Been by Joseph Schuster. A story about a baseball player who never makes it to the big time but continues to love the game despite his missed opportunities. A realistic character you'll root for.

What else? Cat mysteries, dog mysteries, exciting thrillers, hot romances and lots more. Take a look below!
Archer, Dale.   Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional.   Crown Archetype.   3/13/2012.   Nonfiction
Babson, Marian.   No Cooperation from the Cat.   Minotaur Books.   3/27/2012.    Mystery
Binet, Laurent.   Hhhh.   Farrar Straus Giroux.   4/24/2012.
Bohman, Therese.   Drowned.   Other Press (NY).   5/22/2012.
Brokaw, Charles.   The Temple Mount Code.   Forge.   11/8/2011.
Brown, Stacia M.   Accidents of Providence.   Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH).   2/14/2012.
Cash, Wiley.   A Land More Kind Than Home.   William Morrow & Company.   4/17/2012.

Chapman, Janet.   Spellbound Falls.   Jove Books.   2/28/2012.    Romance
Childs, Laura.   Agony of the Leaves.   Berkley Publishing Group.   3/6/2012.    Mystery
Fernando, Roshi.   Homesick.   Knopf Publishing Group.   7/17/2012.
Ford, Michael Thomas.   Jane Vows Vengeance.   Ballantine Books.   2/28/2012.
Fountain, Ben.   Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.   Ecco Press.   5/1/2012. 
Gooden, Philip.   The Ely Testament.   Severn House Publishers.   2/1/2012.    Mystery
Grisham, John.   Calico Joe.   Random House Large Print Publishing.   4/10/2012.  Large Print
Gross, Andrew.   15 Seconds.   William Morrow & Company.   7/10/2012. 
Haidt, Jonathan.   The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion.   Pantheon Books.   3/13/2012.   Nonfiction
Hall, Emylia.   The Book of Summers.   Mira Books.   5/29/2012.
Harrison, Thea.   Oracle's Moon.   Berkley.   3/6/2012.    Romance
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia.   Kill My Darling.   Severn House Publishers.   2/1/2012.    Mystery
Hunt, Stephen.   Secrets of the Fire Sea.   Tor Books.   3/27/2012.    Fantasy
John, Steven.   Three A.M.   Tor Books.   3/27/2012.
Johnson, Craig.   As the Crow Flies: A Walt Longmire Mystery.   Viking Books.   5/15/2012.    Mystery
Kiernan, Caitlin R.   The Drowning Girl.   Roc.   3/6/2012.
Knight, Bernard.   Grounds for Appeal.   Severn House Publishers.   2/1/2012.    Mystery
Kogan, Deborah Copaken.   The Red Book.   Hyperion Books.   4/3/2012. 
Kondor, Vilmos.   Budapest Noir.   Harper Paperbacks.   1/31/2012.    Mystery
Korkeakivi, Anne.   An Unexpected Guest.   Little Brown and Company.   4/17/2012.
Lane, Harriet.   Alys, Always.   Scribner Book Company.   6/12/2012.
Levy Mossanen, Dora.   The Last Romanov.   Sourcebooks Landmark.   4/3/2012.
Marlowe, Mia.   Touch of a Rogue.   Brava.   3/1/2012.    Romance
McCoy, Judi.   Fashion Faux Paw: A Dog Walker Mystery.   Signet Book.   3/6/2012.    Mystery
McCoy, Judi.   Till Death Do Us Bark.   Signet Book.   8/2/2011.    Mystery
McKevett, G. A.   Buried in Buttercream.   Kensington Publishing Corporation.   4/1/2012.    Mystery
McKinlay, Jenn.   Due or Die.   Berkley.   3/6/2012.    Mystery
Nicolson, Juliet.   Abdication.   Atria Books.   5/22/2012.
O'Connor, Varley.   The Master's Muse.   Scribner Book Company.   5/8/2012.
Pajer, Bernadette.   Fatal Induction: A Professor Bradshaw Mystery.   Poisoned Pen Press.   5/1/2012.    Mystery
Patterson, James.   Guilty Wives.   Little Brown and Company.   3/26/2012.   Large Print

Pekkanen, Sarah.   These Girls.   Washington Square Press.   4/10/2012.
Poole, Sara.   The Borgia Mistress.   St. Martin's Griffin.   5/22/2012.
Pulkkinen, Riikka.   TRUE.   Other Press (NY).   3/20/2012.
Putney, Mary Jo.   No Longer a Gentleman.   Zebra Books.   5/1/2012.    Romance
Quinn, Spencer.   A Fistful of Collars: A Chet and Bernie Mystery.   Atria Books.   9/11/2012.    Mystery
Radford, Ceri.   A Surrey State of Affairs.   Pamela Dorman Books.   3/29/2012.
Raymond, Jon.   Rain Dragon.   Bloomsbury Publishing PLC.   4/24/2012.
Rollins, James.   Bloodline: A SIGMA Force Novel.   William Morrow & Company.   6/26/2012.
Schuster, Joseph M.   The Might Have Been.   Ballantine Books.   3/20/2012.
Shadid, Anthony.   House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East.   Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH).   2/28/2012.   Nonfiction.

Sigler, Scott.   Nocturnal.   Crown Publishing Group (NY).   4/3/2012.
Thayne, RaeAnne.   Woodrose Mountain.   Harlequin Books.   3/27/2012.    Romance
Wallentin, Jan.   Strindberg's Star.   Viking Books.   5/24/2012.
Zimmerman, Jean.   The Orphanmaster.   Viking Books.   6/19/2012.