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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fiction Just Ordered

Hope you were able to make it to BookFestPA! The local authors made some great presentations and Chris McDougall amused and enlightened his audience at the Presbyterian Church. Visit the BookFestPA Facebook page to see a video.

We recently added two books to our collection by BookFestPA science fiction author John F. Carr: Kalvan Kingmaker and his biography of another local science fiction writer, H. Beam Piper. Local author Daryl Gregory, who unfortunately could not make it to BookFestPA this year, has a story in a just ordered collection of short stories called Masked, edited by Lou Anders.

Here is the list of fiction books just ordered:  
Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron: Being a Jane Austen Mystery. Bantam. 9/28/2010. Mystery

Braff, Joshua. Peep Show. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. 6/1/2010.

Brockmann, Suzanne. Infamous. Ballantine Books. 7/27/2010. Romance

Cameron, W. Bruce. A Dog's Purpose. Forge. 7/6/2010.

Cantrell, Rebecca. A Night of Long Knives. Forge. 6/22/2010.

Clare, Alys. Music of the Distant Stars. Severn House Publishers. 12/1/2010. Mystery

Crider, Bill. Murder in the Air. Minotaur Books. 8/3/2010. Mystery

Gardner, Lisa. Live to Tell: A Detective D. D. Warren Novel. Bantam. 7/13/2010. Mystery

Gunning, Sally. The Rebellion of Jane Clarke. William Morrow & Company. 6/1/2010.

Haddam, Jane. Wanting Sheila Dead. Minotaur Books. 7/20/2010. Mystery

Handeland, Lori. Shakespeare Undead. St. Martin's Griffin. 6/8/2010. Fantasy

Hickman, Katie. The Pindar Diamond. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. 8/17/2010. Historical
Jamieson, Trent. Death Most Definite. Orbit. 8/1/2010. Fantasy

Jennings, Elizabeth. Shadows at Midnight. Berkley. 8/3/2010. Romance

Jerkins, Grant. A Very Simple Crime. Berkley Publishing Group. 11/2/2010. Mystery

Klavan, Andrew. The Identity Man. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). 11/11/2010. Mystery

Lamplighter, L. Jagi. Prospero in Hell. Tor Books. 8/17/2010. Fantasy

Larsen, K.J. Liar, Liar: A Cat DeLuca Mystery. Poisoned Pen Press. 9/1/2010. Mystery

McManus, Patrick F. The Huckleberry Murders: A Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery. Simon & Schuster. 11/2/2010. Mystery

Means, David. The Spot. Faber & Faber. 5/25/2010. Short Stories

Mehl, Nancy. Simple Secrets. Barbour Publishing. 6/1/2010.

Mengestu, Dinaw. How to Read the Air. Riverhead Hardcover. 10/14/2010.

Nelson, Pete. I Thought You Were Dead: A Love Story. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. 4/13/2010.

Ray, Francis. If You Were My Man. St. Martin's Griffin. 3/2/2010. Romance

Richardson, Kat. Labyrinth: A Greywalker Novel. Roc. 8/3/2010. Fantasy

Roker, Al. The Midnight Show Murders. Delacorte Press. 11/23/2010. Mystery

Ryan, William. The Holy Thief. Minotaur Books. 8/31/2010.

Sanderson, Brandon. The Way of Kings. Tor Books. 8/31/2010. Fantasy

Schow, David J. . Internecine. Thomas Dunne Books. 8/3/2010.

Sedia, Ekaterina. The House of Discarded Dreams SC. Prime Books. 11/16/2010. Fantasy

Shepherd, Lynn. Murder at Mansfield Park. St. Martin's Griffin. 7/20/2010.

Shuichi, Yoshida. Villain. Pantheon Books. 8/3/2010.

Tapply, William G. Outwitting Trolls: A Brady Coyne Novel. Minotaur Books. 11/9/2010. Mystery

Tranter, Kristen. The Legacy. Washington Square Press. 8/10/2010.

Turnbull, Peter. Deliver Us from Evil. Severn House Publishers. 6/1/2010. Mystery

Weeden, Curt. Book of Nathan. Oceanview Publishing. 8/8/2010. Mystery

Weeks, Brent. The Black Prism. Orbit. 8/25/2010. Fantasy

Friday, July 9, 2010


We hope you'll join us in Schlow's Community Room on Saturday the 10th for our very first annual BookFestPA!We'll be featuring local authors like teen writer Kieryn Nicolas, local foods scouter Ken Hull, children's author Martha Freeman, meteorologist Paul Yeager and folklorist Jeffrey Frazier. See our website for the complete list of authors. Our featured author will be Chris McDougall, author of the bestselling book Born to Run. See his interview on the Daily Show.    
Read about BookFest in the Centre Daily Times!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Ordered: Fiction

Just ordered: new books from your favorite authors! Jo Beverly, Patricia Cornwell, Clive Cussler, Richard Paul Evans, Fannie Flagg, Vince Flynn, Stephen King, Dean Koonz, J.D. Robb, Harry Turtledove and lots more. Place a reserve now to be one of the first to get your hands on them when they arrive at Schlow.

Abraham, Daniel. Leviathan Wept and Other Stories. Subterranean Press. 5/30/2010. New Fic Short Stories

Anthony, Jessica. The Convalescent. McSweeney's Books. 6/1/2009.

Arnoldi, Katie. Point Dume. Overlook Press. 5/27/2010.

Baker, Nicholson. The Anthologist. Simon & Schuster. 9/8/2009.

Berry, Steve. The Emperor's Tomb. Ballantine Books. 12/1/2010.

Beverley, Jo. Chalice of Roses. New American Library. 1/1/2010. Romance

Bognanni, Peter. The House of Tomorrow. Amy Einhorn Books. 3/4/2010.

Bourret, Amy. Mothers and Other Liars. St. Martin's Griffin. 8/3/2010.

Carr, John F. Kalvan Kingmaker. Pequod Press. 2/2/2010. Local Author

Chamberlain, Diane. The Lies We Told (Original). Mira Books. 5/25/2010.

Cohen, Gabriel. The Ninth Step. Minotaur Books. 5/25/2010. Mystery

Cornwell, Patricia D. Port Mortuary. Putnam Adult. 11/30/2010.

Cunningham, Michael. By Nightfall. Farrar Straus Giroux. 9/28/2010.

Cussler, Clive. Crescent Dawn. Putnam Adult. 11/16/2010.

del Toro, Guillermo. The Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy. William Morrow & Company. 10/1/2010. Horror

Ellory, R. J. The Anniversary Man. Overlook Press. 6/10/2010.

Evans, Richard Paul. Promise Me. Simon & Schuster. 10/5/2010.

Evenson, Brian. Last Days. Underland Press. 2/1/2009. Horror

Flagg, Fannie. I Still Dream about You, Honey. Random House. 11/2/2010.

Flynn, Vince. American Assassin. Atria Books. 10/12/2010.

Foster, Alan Dean. The Human Blend. del Rey Ballantine Books. 12/1/2010

Harvell, Richard. The Bells. Shaye Areheart Books. 9/14/2010.

Hobb, Robin. Dragon Haven. . Eos. 5/1/2010. Fantasy

King, Stephen. Full Dark, No Stars. Scribner Book Company. 11/9/2010.

Kollin, Dani. The Unincorporated War. Tor Books. 5/11/2010. Sci-Fi

Koontz, Dean R. What the Night Knows. Bantam. 12/28/2010.

Krauss, Nicole. Great House. W. W. Norton & Company. 10/4/2010.

Kring, Tim. Shift. Crown Publishing Group (NY). 8/10/2010.

Leonard, Elmore. Djibouti. Blackstone Audiobooks. 10/1/2010.

Machart, Bruce. The Wake of Forgiveness. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). 10/21/2010. Historical

MacQuigg, Donna. The Dragon's Secret. Five Star (ME). 5/19/2010. Fantasy

McGuane, Thomas. Driving on the Rim. Knopf Publishing Group. 10/19/2010.

Meyer, Deon. Thirteen Hours. . Atlantic Monthly Press. 9/7/2010.

Mosley, Walter. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey. Riverhead Books. 11/11/2010.

Naslund, Sena Jeter. Adam & Eve. . William Morrow & Company. 10/1/2010.

Parini, Jay. The Passages of H. M. : A Novel of Herman Melville. Doubleday Books. 11/2/2010.

Robb, J.D. Indulgence in Death. Putnam Adult. 11/2/2010.

Roth, Philip. Nemesis. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). 10/5/2010.

Schlink, Bernhard. The Weekend. Pantheon Books. 10/12/2010.

Schmidt, Heidi Jon. The House on Oyster Creek. New American Library. 6/1/2010.

Shonk, Katherine. Happy Now? Farrar Straus Giroux. 4/13/2010.

Straight, Susan. Take One Candle Light a Room. Pantheon Books. 10/12/2010.

Tremain, Rose. Trespass. W.W. Norton & Company. 10/18/2010.

Turtledove, Harry. The War That Came Early: West and East. Del Rey Books. 7/27/2010.

Vincenzi, Penny. Forbidden Places. Overlook Press. 10/14/2010.

Webb, Betty. Koala of Death. Poisoned Pen Press. 8/1/2010. Mystery

Willig, Lauren. The Mischief of the Mistletoe. Dutton Books. 10/28/2010.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Ordered: Fiction

Anders, Lou. Masked. Gallery Press. 7/20/2010. Sci-Fi

Atkinson, Kate. Started Early, Took My Dog. Reagan Arthur Books. 3/21/2011.

Beck, Glenn. The Overton Window. Threshold Editions. 6/15/2010.

Clancy, Tom. Dead or Alive. Putnam Adult. 12/7/2010.

Easton, Tom. Visions of Tomorrow: Science Fiction Predictions That Came True. Skyhorse Publishing. 7/8/2010. Sci-Fi

Flint, Shamini. Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder. Minotaur Books. 7/6/2010. Mystery

Forsyth, Frederick. The Cobra. Putnam Adult. 8/17/2010.

Genelin, Michael. The Magician's Accomplice. Soho Crime. 7/1/2010. Mystery

Grisham, John. The Confession. Doubleday Books. 10/26/2010.

Higgins, Jack. The Judas Gate. G. P. Putnam's Sons. 12/1/2010.

Holland, Cecelia. Kings of the North. Forge. 7/6/2010.

Howard, Jonathan L. . Johannes Cabal the Detective. Doubleday Books. 7/13/2010.

Huso, Anthony. The Last Page. Tor Books. 8/17/2010. Fantasy

Kowal, Mary Robinette. Shades of Milk and Honey. Tor Books. 8/3/2010. Fantasy

Mitchell, Siri. She Walks in Beauty. Bethany House Publishers. 4/1/2010.

Morsi, Pamela. The Bikini Car Wash. Mira Books. 7/1/2010. New A Pab Romance

Mountain, Fiona. Lady of the Butterflies. Putnam Adult. 7/15/2010. Historical

Murnane, Maria. Perfect on Paper: The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson. AmazonEncore. 2/9/2010.

Nersesian, Arthur. Mesopotamia. Akashic Books. 7/1/2010. Mystery

Perez-Reverte, Arturo. Pirates of the Levant. Putnam Adult. 9/2/2010.

Quinn, Peter. The Man Who Never Returned. Overlook Press. 8/5/2010.

Radish, Kris. Hearts on a String. Bantam. 5/25/2010.

Ross, Jennifer. The Icing on the Cupcake. Ballantine Books. 4/6/2010.

Scalzi, John. Metatropolis. Tor Books. 6/8/2010. Sci-Fi

Stuart, Julia. The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise. Doubleday Books. 8/10/2010.

Tanenbaum, Robert K. . Betrayed. Gallery Press. 7/6/2010.

Temple, Peter. Truth. Farrar Straus Giroux. 5/11/2010. Mystery

Vaughn, Carrie. Kitty Goes to War. Tor Books. 6/29/2010. Fantasy

Wolfe, Inger Ash. The Taken: A Hazel Micallef Mystery. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). 7/15/2010. Mystery

Just Ordered: Nonfiction

Here's the latest nonfiction books that we've ordered:

Alexiou, Alice Sparberg. The Flatiron: The New York Landmark and the Incomparable City That Arose with It. Thomas Dunne Books. 6/8/2010

Authorsteam, Ooo. Getting Started with Open Office . Org 3. Createspace. 1/2/2010

Authorsteam, Ooo. Open Office . Org 3 Writer Guide. Createspace. 2/9/2009

Ball, Carlos A. . From the Closet to the Courtroom: Five LGBT Rights Lawsuits That Have Changed Our Nation. Beacon Press. 6/1/2010

Bennett, Laura. Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?: A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos. Ballantine Books. 4/6/2010

Buckingham, Jane. The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations. Avon a. 5/1/2010

Bush, George W. . Decision Points. Crown Publishing Group (NY). 11/9/2010

Chafets, Zev. Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One. Sentinel. 5/25/2010

Clifford, Denis. Make Your Own Living Trust [With CDROM]. NOLO. 3/23/2009

Cryer, Max. Common Phrases: And the Amazing Stories Behind Them. Skyhorse Publishing. 10/1/2010

Dalrymple, William. Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India. Knopf Publishing Group. 6/15/2010

DK Publishing. The Complete Human Body [With DVD]. DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley). 8/30/2010

English, Ashley. Homemade Living: Canning & Preserving with Ashley English: All You Need to Know to Make Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Chutneys & More. Lark Books (NC). 4/6/2010

Flynn, Kevin. Our Little Secret: The True Story of a Teenage Killer and the Silence of a Small New England Town. Berkley. 5/4/2010

Greenlaw, Linda. Seaworthy: A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea. Viking Books. 6/1/2010

Greenlaw, Linda. Seaworthy: A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea (Library). Brilliance Audio. 6/1/2010

Heidler, David S. Henry Clay: The Essential American. Random House. 5/4/2010

Hoffman, Andrew J. . Builder's Apprentice. Huron River Press. 4/1/2010

Hofmeister, John. Why We Hate the Oil Companies: Straight Talk from an Energy Insider. Palgrave MacMillan. 5/25/2010

Junger, Sebastian. War. Hachette Audio. 5/11/2010

Kashner, Sam. Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century. Harper. 6/1/2010

Kasich, John. Every Other Monday: Twenty Years of Life, Lunch, Faith, and Friendship. Atria Books. 6/15/2010

Kuttner, Robert. A Presidency in Peril: The Inside Story of Obama's Promise, Wall Street's Power, and the Struggle to Control Our Economic Future. Chelsea Green Publishing Company. 4/5/2010

Laverty, Maura. Full & Plenty: Classic Irish Cooking. Mercier Press. 3/1/2010

Mariano, Connie. The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents - A Memoir. Thomas Dunne Books. 6/22/2010

McCrum, Robert. Globish: How the English Language Became the World's Language. W. W. Norton & Company. 5/24/2010

McDowell, Dimity. Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving--And Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity. Andrews McMeel Publishing. 3/23/2010

McEneaney, Bonnie. Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11. William Morrow & Company. 6/1/2010

Montgomery, Sy. Birdology: Adventures with a Pack of Hens, a Peck of Pigeons, Cantankerous Crows, Fierce Falcons, Hip Hop Parrots, Baby Hummingbi. Free Press. 4/6/2010

Parham, Phil. The 90-Day Fitness Challenge: A Proven Program for Better Health and Lasting Weight Loss. Harvest House Publishers. 6/1/2010

Prothero, Stephen. God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World--And Why Their Differences Matter. HarperOne. 5/1/2010

Reilly, Rick. Sports from Hell: My Search for the World's Dumbest Competition. Doubleday Books. 5/4/2010

Rix, Jallen. Ex-Gay No Way: Survival and Recovery from Religious Abuse. Findhorn Press. 5/1/2010

Sachs, Harvey. The Ninth: Beethoven and the World in 1824. Random House. 6/15/2010

Salewicz, Chris. Bob Marley: The Untold Story. Faber & Faber. 6/8/2010

Saramago, Jose. The Notebook. Verso. 4/1/2010

Smith, Carlton. In the Arms of Evil: A True Story of Obsession, Greed, and Murder. St. Martin's True Crime. 3/30/2010

Spelling, Tori. Uncharted TerriTORI. Gallery Press. 6/15/2010

Sullivan, James. Seven Dirty Words: The Life and Crimes of George Carlin. Da Capo Press. 6/8/2010

Sylvia-Stasiewicz, Dawn. Love That Dog!: Using Positive Reinforcement to Train the Perfect Family Dog. Workman Publishing. 10/1/2010

The New York Times. The New York Times Presents Smarter by Sunday: 52 Weekends of Essential Knowledge for the Curious Mind. St. Martin's Press. 10/26/2010

Thompson, Fred. Teaching the Pig to Dance: A Memoir. Crown Forum. 5/18/2010

Trautschold, Martin. iPod Touch Made Simple (New). Apress. 7/30/2010

Trautschold, Martin. iPad Made Simple. Apress. 6/7/2010

Wallace, Paula S. . Perfect Porches: Designing Welcoming Spaces for Outdoor Living. Clarkson N Potter Publishers. 3/2/2010

Ward, Ernie. Chow Hounds: Why Our Dogs Are Getting Fatter -A Vet's Plan to Save Their Lives. Health Communications. 3/1/2010

Wasinger, Susan. The Feisty Stitcher: Sewing Projects with Attitude. Lark Books (NC). 3/2/2010
Waters, John. Role Models. Farrar Straus Giroux. 5/25/2010

Wiedemer, David. Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown. John Wiley & Sons. 11/1/2009

Wilson, G. Willow. The Butterfly Mosque: A Young American Woman's Journey to Love and Islam. Atlantic Monthly Press. 6/1/2010

Woods, Vanessa. Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir of Love and Adventure in the Congo. Gotham Books. 5/27/2010

Yosses, Bill. The Perfect Finish: Special Desserts for Every Occasion. W. W. Norton & Company. 6/7/2010