Books Just Ordered

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anecdotes from *classy* guys and other new books.

Ready for some ribald reads? We have new books from Tucker Max, Adam Carrola, and Gary Dell'abate, the producer of the Howard Stern Show. Also, discover Ricky Martin's real vida loca in his new autobiography.
Acker, Rick.  When the Devil Whistles.  Abingdon Press.  10/1/2010.

Adair, Cherry.  The Bodyguard.  St.   Martin's Press.  6/29/2010.   Romance

Brennan, Marie.  A Star Shall Fall.  Tor Books.  8/31/2010.   Fantasy.
Cameron, Barbara.  A Time to Love.  Abingdon Press.  10/1/2010.

Camilleri, Andrea.  The Track of Sand.  10/26/2010  Penguin Books. Mystery.
Carolla, Adam.  In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks: And Other Complaints from an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy.  Crown Archetype.  11/2/2010.  Nonfiction

Clipston, Amy.  A Plain & Simple Christmas.  Zondervan.  9/14/2010.

Coupland, Douglas.  Player One: What Is to Become of Us: A Novel in Five Hours.  House of Anansi Press.  10/1/2010.

Dell'abate, Gary.  They Call Me Baba Booey.  Spiegel & Grau.  11/2/2010.  Biography.
Drake, David.  What Distant Deeps.  Baen Books.  9/7/2010.   Sci-Fi.
Edwardson, Ake.  The Shadow Woman.  Penguin Books.  9/28/2010.   Mystery.
Ernst, Kathleen.  Old World Murder.  Midnight Ink.  10/8/2010.   Mystery.
Fei, Deanna.  A Thread of Sky.  Penguin Press.  4/1/2010.   AAUW.
Hedaya, Yael.  Eden.  Metropolitan Books. 10/26/2010.

Hodder, Mark.  The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack.  Pyr.  9/1/2010.   Fantasy.
Hoffman, Chandra.  Chosen.  Harper.  9/1/2010.
Hoffman, Jilliane.  Pretty Little Things.  Vanguard Press.  9/7/2010.
James, David.  Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, One Very Dead Corpse: An Amanda Thorne Mystery.  Kensington Publishing Corporation.  10/1/2010.   Mystery.
Jordan, Layla.  The Liar's Club.  Dafina Books.  12/1/2010.
Jordan, Robert.  Towers of Midnight.  Tor Books.  11/2/2010.

Karnezis, Panos.  The Convent.  W.   W.   Norton & Company.  11/8/2010.
Kawakami, Hiromi.  Manazuru.  Counterpoint LLC.  9/14/2010.
Kehlmann, Daniel.  Fame: A Novel in Nine Episodes.  Pantheon Books.  9/14/2010.
Kennedy, Douglas.  The Pursuit of Happiness.  Atria Books.  10/19/2010.

Kluge, P.F.  A Call from Jersey.  Overlook Press.  9/2/2010.

Kramer, Kieran.  When Harry Met Molly.  St.   Martin's Press.  11/2/2010.   Romance

Lang, Michele.  Lady Lazarus.  Tor Books.  8/31/2010.   Fantasy.
MacAlister, Katie.  In the Company of Vampires.  Signet Book.  11/2/2010.   Romance

Magnin, Joyce.  Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise.  Abingdon Press.  9/1/2010.

Marshall, Evan.  City in Shadow.  Severn House Publishers.  11/1/2010.   Mystery.
Martin, George R.R.  11/16/2010. Songs of Love & Death: All-Original Tales of Star-Crossed Love.  Gallery Press.

Martin, Ricky.  Me.  Penguin Books.  11/2/2010.  Biography
Max, Tucker.  Assholes Finish First.  Gallery Press.  9/28/2010.  Biography

McCabe, Patrick.  The Stray Sod Country.  Bloomsbury Publishing PLC.  9/28/2010.

Nothomb, Amelie.  Hygiene and the Assassin.  Europa Editions.    10/26/2010.

Peacock, Justin.  Blind Man's Alley.  Doubleday Books.  8/10/2010.

Perry, Trish.  The Perfect Blend.  Harvest House Publishers.  9/1/2010.

Phipps-Kettlewell, Marilene.  The Company of Heaven: Stories from Haiti.  University of Iowa Press.  10/28/2010.

Rock, Judith.  The Rhetoric of Death.  Berkley Publishing Group.  10/5/2010.   Mystery.
Rosenberg, Joel C.  The Twelfth Imam.  Tyndale House Publishers.  10/19/2010

Sands, Lynsay.  Hungry for You: An Argeneau Novel.  Avon Books.  12/1/2010.   Romance

Shalvis, Jill.  Simply Irresistible.  Forever.  10/1/2010.   Romance

Showalter, Gena.  Ecstasy in Darkness.  Pocket Star Books.  10/26/2010.   Romance

Smith, Sherwood.  Coronets and Steel.  Daw Books.  9/7/2010.   Fantasy.
Talley, Marcia.  All Things Undying.  Severn House Publishers.  10/1/2010. Mystery

Van Rooy, Michael.  An Ordinary Decent Criminal.  Minotaur Books.  8/3/2010.   Mystery.
Washburn, Frances.  The Sacred White Turkey.  Bison Books.  9/1/2010.

Woods, Sherryl.  A Chesapeake Shores Christmas.  Mira Books.  9/28/2010.   Romance.
Yu, Charles.  How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.  Pantheon Books.  9/7/2010.   Sci-Fi.