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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A long way to go for an icee

Hop on board an ice hauler on its way to the rings of Saturn in James Corey's fantastic new space opera Leviathan Wakes.

A community of Long Island witches, restricted from doing magic, break free from the shackles on their powers in Witches of East End by Melissa de La Cruz, author of the teen Blue Bloods series. Publishers Weekly says says "even readers who generally avoid witches and whatnot stand to be won over by the time the cliffhanger-with-a-twist ending hits."

Take a vicarious summer vacation in The Mermaid Garden by Santa Montefiore. Your reading trip will take you both to a scenic Tuscan village and, later in time, to a lovely estate in the English countryside. It's a charming love story that intertwines the narratives at each setting and keeps you guessing how the two relate.

A teenaged boy and his object of love at first sight hijack the van driving them to a psychiatric facility in Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb by George Rabasa. Dark humor and clever dialogue recommend this amusing and unusual read.

Take a look at the rest of the just ordered list. Lots of new mysteries and romances below.

Arsenault, Emily. In Search of the Rose Notes. William Morrow Paperbacks. 7/26/2011. Mystery

Block, Stefan Merrill. The Storm at the Door. Random House. 6/21/2011.

Bradley, Jane. You Believers. Unbridled Books. 5/3/2011.

Burke, Jan. Disturbance: An Irene Kelly Novel. Simon & Schuster. 6/21/2011. Mystery

Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane. Dead Dogs and Englishmen. Midnight Ink. 7/8/2011. Mystery

Clemens, Judy. Flowers for Her Grave: A Grim Reaper Mystery. Poisoned Pen Press. 8/2/2011. Mystery

Cole, Julian. Felicity's Gate: A Thriller. Minotaur Books. 5/10/2011. Mystery

Corey, James Leviathan Wakes. Orbit. 6/15/2011. Sci-Fi

de La Cruz, Melissa. Witches of East End. Hyperion Books. 6/21/2011.

Douglas, Carole Nelson. Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta. Forge. 8/2/2011. Mystery

Drake, David. Out of the Waters. Tor Books. 7/19/2011. Fantasy

DuBois, Brendan. Deadly Cove. Minotaur Books. 7/5/2011. Mystery

Elkins, Aaron. The Worst Thing. Berkley Publishing Group. 5/3/2011. Mystery

Foster, Lori. Trace of Fever. Harlequin Books. 5/31/2011. Romance

Foster, Lori. When You Dare. Harlequin Books. 4/26/2011. Romance

Frayn, Rebecca. Deceptions. Washington Square Press. 5/3/2011.

George, Lexi. Demon Hunting in Dixie. Brava. 5/1/2011. Romance

Ghelfi, Brent. The Burning Lake. Poisoned Pen Press. 5/3/2011. Mystery

Goldenbaum, Sally. The Wedding Shawl: A Seaside Knitters Mystery. New American Library. 5/3/2011. Mystery

Graham, Lorna. The Ghost of Greenwich Village. Ballantine Books. 6/28/2011.

Haddam, Jane. Flowering Judas. Minotaur Books. 8/2/2011. Mystery

Hall, M.R. The Redeemed: A Jenny Cooper Mystery. Simon & Schuster. 5/3/2011. Mystery

Hobb, Robin. The Inheritance: And Other Stories. Harper Voyager. 5/3/2011. Fantasy

Humphreys, C.C. Vlad: The Last Confession. Sourcebooks Landmark. 5/1/2011.

Kurland, Lynn. One Magic Moment (Jove Mass-Market). Jove Books. 5/3/2011. Romance

Lopez, Lorraine. The Realm of Hungry Spirits. Grand Central Publishing. 5/2/2011.

March, Emily. Heartache Falls: An Eternity Springs Novel. Ballantine Books. 4/26/2011. Romance

Marlowe, Mia. Touch of a Thief. Brava. 5/1/2011. Romance

Marshall, Michael. Killer Move. William Morrow & Company. 6/28/2011.

McDuffie, Susan. The Faerie Hills. Five Star (ME). 4/15/2011. Mystery

Merciel, Liane. Heaven's Needle. Pocket Star Books. 4/26/2011. Fantasy

Montefiore, Santa. The Mermaid Garden. Touchstone Books. 5/3/2011.

Noble, Kate. Follow My Lead. Berkley. 5/3/2011. Romance

O'Donohue, Clare. Missing Persons. Plume Books. 5/31/2011. Mystery

Pronzini, Bill. Camouflage. Forge. 6/7/2011. Mystery

Rabasa, George. Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb. Unbridled Books. 4/5/2011.

Richtel, Matt. Devil's Plaything: A Mystery for Idle Minds. Poisoned Pen Press. 5/3/2011. Mystery

Riggs, Cynthia. The Bee Balm Murders. Minotaur Books. 4/26/2011. Mystery

Roffey, Monique. The White Woman on the Green Bicycle. Penguin Books. 4/26/2011.

Ruiz, K.M. Mind Storm. Thomas Dunne Books. 5/10/2011. Sci-Fi

Schwartz, John Burnham. Northwest Corner. Random House. 7/26/2011.

Simon, Clea. Grey Zone. Severn House Publishers. 4/1/2011. Mystery

Skibsrud, Johanna. The Sentimentalists. W.W.Norton & Company. 5/2/2011.

St James, Dorothy. Flowerbed of State. Berkley. 5/3/2011. Mystery

Swanwick, Michael. Dancing with Bears: The Postutopian Adventures of Darger & Surplus. Night Shade Books. 5/17/2011. Sci-Fi

Veselka, Vanessa. Zazen. Red Lemonade. 5/22/2011.

Viets, Elaine. Pumped for Murder: A Dead-End Job Mystery. New American Library. 5/3/2011. Mystery

Warren, Susan May. My Foolish Heart. Tyndale House Publishers. 4/18/2011. Romance

Wildes, Emma. One Whisper Away: Ladies in Waiting. Signet Book. 5/3/2011. Romance

Thursday, June 9, 2011

These are some books

Laugh along with the social satire and silly sketches in Demetri Martin's "This Is a Book."

"Now You See Me," the hot new mystery by S.J. Bolton featuring a Jack the
Ripper copycat has kept book reviewers everywhere up late twisting with the plot.

Lev Grossman's "The Magician King", sequel to "The Magicians" has Quentin and his ennui-ful friends returning to the Narnia inspired land of Fillory and going on what sounds like a Voyage of the Dawn Treader type journey.

The caretaker of the ruined Temple of Apollo and beekeeper Gabrilis Kaloyeros dies in a hit and run on the Greek island of Arcadia. His friend Hermes Diaktoros, "the fat man" is determined to find the killer in Anne Zououdi's "The Taint of Midas." Library Journal says fans of Alexander McCall Smith will love it.

Lots more mysteries and other good reads below.

Albert, Susan Wittig. Mourning Gloria. Berkley Publishing Group. 4/5/2011. Mystery

Asher, Bridget. The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted. Bantam. 3/29/2011.

Barry, Sebastian. On Canaan's Side. Viking Books. 9/8/2011.

Bolton, S.J. Now You See Me. Minotaur Books. 6/7/2011. Mystery

Clare, Alys. The Rose of the World. Severn House Publishers. 7/1/2011. Mystery

Cleverly, Barbara. The Blood Royal: A Joe Sandilands Murder Mystery. Soho Constable. 9/13/2011. Mystery

Cotterill, Colin. Killed at the Whim of a Hat. Minotaur Books. 7/19/2011. Mytery

Erickson, Carolly. Favored Queen. St. Martin's Press. 9/27/2011.

Evanovich, Janet. Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel. Random House Large Print Publishing. 6/21/2011. Large Print

Fowler, Earlene. Spider Web. Berkley Publishing Group. 5/3/2011. Mystery

George, Kathleen. Hideout. Minotaur Books. 8/16/2011. Mystery

Golden, Christie. Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Ascension. Lucas Books. 8/9/2011. Sci-Fi

Gooden, Philip. The Durham Deception. Severn House Publishers. 5/1/2011. Mystery

Grossman, Lev. The Magician King. Viking Books. 8/9/2011. Fantasy

Grozni, Nikolai. Wunderkind. Free Press. 9/6/2011.

Harrison, Cora. Deed of Murder. Severn House Publishers. 11/1/2011. Mystery

Harrison, Cora. Scales of Retribution. Severn House Publishers. 5/1/2011. Mystery

Lancaster, Jen. If You Were Here. New American Library. 5/3/2011.

Martin, Demetri. This Is a Book. Grand Central Publishing. 4/25/2011. Nonfiction.

McCullough, David. The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris. Simon & Schuster. 5/24/2011. Nonfiction.

Pajer, Bernadette. A Spark of Death: A Professor Bradshaw Mystery. Poisoned Pen Press. 7/5/2011. Mystery

Patterson, James. 10th Anniversary. Little Brown and Company. 5/2/2011. Large Print

Prcic, Ismet. Shards. Grove Press. 10/4/2011.

Quartey, Kwei J. Children of the Street: An Inspector Darko Dawson Mystery. Random House Trade. 7/12/2011. Mystery

Raybourn, Deanna. The Dark Enquiry. Mira Books. 6/21/2011.

Ryan, Rex. Play Like You Mean It: Passion, Laughs, and Leadership in the World's Most Beautiful Game. Doubleday Books. 5/3/2011. Nonfiction

Scott, Janny. A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother. Riverhead Books. 5/3/2011. Biography

Smith, Anne Easter. Queen by Right. Touchstone Books. 5/10/2011.

Tuck, Lily. I Married You for Happiness. Atlantic Monthly Press. 9/6/2011.

Twain, Shania. From This Moment on. Atria Books. 5/3/2011. Biography

Ulfelder, Steve. Purgatory Chasm. Minotaur Books. 5/10/2011. Mystery

Van Dyke, Dick. My Lucky Life in and Out of Show Business: A Memoir. Crown Archetype. 5/3/2011. Biography

Weiss, Jan Merete. These Dark Things. Soho Crime. 5/10/2011. Mystery

White, Betty. If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won't). Putnam Adult. 5/3/2011. Biography.

Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray: An Annotated, Uncensored Edition. Belknap Press. 4/11/2011.

Wortham, Reavis. The Rock Hole: Red River Mystery. Poisoned Pen Press. 6/7/2011. Mystery

Zouroudi, Anne. The Taint of Midas. Reagan Arthur Books. 7/20/2011. Mystery