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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homework: Read Brilliant Mystery Stories

What do we offer to you new this week? The latest Dexter and more new books by favorite authors like C.J. Box, Umberto Eco, Orson Scott Card, Clive Cussler, MaryJanice Davidson, Sherilyn Kenyon and Joyce Carol Oates.

Study in Sherlock is a collection of 20 stories based on Sherlock Holmes by authors such as Neil Gaiman, Laura Lippman, Margaret Maron, Thomas Perry, S. J. Rozan, Dana Stabenow, Charles Todd, and Jacqueline Winspear.

What if you could step into the world of Pride and Prejudice? In Midnight in Austenland, Shannon Hale has created a Jane Austen themed resort where all guests are assigned a role and a love interest. Everything is lovely until a body shows up.

Lots more below!

Averill, Thomas Fox. Rode. University of New Mexico Press. 8/16/2011.

Ballard, Mignon F. Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause: A Mystery. Minotaur Books. 11/22/2011. Mystery
Barrick, Ella. Quickstep to Murder. Signet Book. 9/6/2011. Mystery

Basu, Kunal. The Yellow Emperor's Cure. Overlook Duckworth. 10/27/2011.

Bellerose, Sally. The Girls Club. Bywater Books. 9/13/2011.

Box, C. J. Force of Nature. Putnam Adult. 3/20/2012. Mystery

Bradley, Alan. Study in Sherlock: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon. Poisoned Pen Press. 10/25/2011. Mystery

Brett, Simon. Bones Under the Beach Hut. Five Star (ME). 12/1/2011. Mystery

Card, Orson Scott. Shadows in Flight. Tor Books. 1/17/2012. Sci-Fi

Carr, Robyn. Bring Me Home for Christmas. Mira Books. 10/25/2011. Romance

Christie, Judy. Goodness Gracious Green. Abingdon Press. 9/1/2010.

Christie, Judy. Rally 'Round Green. Abingdon Press. 8/1/2011.

Christie, Judy. The Glory of Green. Abingdon Press. 3/1/2011.

Corby, Gary. The Ionia Sanction. Minotaur Books. 11/8/2011. Mystery

Corby, Gary. The Pericles Commission. Minotaur Books. 11/9/2010. Mystery

Cussler, Clive. The Thief. Putnam Adult. 3/6/2012.

Davidson, MaryJanice. Yours, Mine, and Ours. St. Martin's Press. 2/28/2012. Romance

DeLaney, Edward J. Broken Irish. Turtle Point Press. 9/16/2011.

Draine, Betsy. Murder in Lascaux. University of Wisconsin Press. 10/4/2011. Mystery

Drake, Nick. Egypt: The Book of Chaos. Harper. 12/6/2011. Mystery

Duncan, Elizabeth J. A Killer's Christmas in Wales. Minotaur Books. 10/25/2011. Mystery

Eco, Umberto. The Prague Cemetery. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). 11/8/2011.

Fennell, Judi. Genie Knows Best. Sourcebooks Casablanca. 11/1/2011. Romance

Franc, John. Hooked. Tin House Books. 9/27/2011.

Hale, Shannon. Midnight in Austenland. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. 1/31/2012.

Howard, Francine Thomas. Paris Noire. AmazonEncore. 9/20/2011.

Hoyt, Elizabeth. Scandalous Desires. Grand Central Publishing. 11/1/2011. Romance

Kenyon, Sherrilyn. The Guardian. St. Martin's Press. 11/1/2011.

Kleypas, Lisa. Love, Come to Me. Signet Book. 8/30/2011. Romance

La Farge, Paul. Luminous Airplanes. Farrar Straus Giroux. 9/27/2011.

Lake, Jay. Endurance. Tor Books. 11/8/2011. Fantasy

Lapidus, Jens. Easy Money. Pantheon Books. 4/3/2012.

Lightman, Alan P. MR G: A Novel about the Creation. Pantheon Books. 1/24/2012.

Lindsay, Jeff. Double Dexter. Doubleday Books. 10/18/2011.

Millet, Lydia. Ghost Lights. W. W. Norton Company. 10/24/2011.

Oates, Joyce Carol. Mudwoman. Ecco Press. 3/20/2012.

Palmer, Michael. Oath of Office. St. Martin's Press. 2/14/2012.

Parker, Ann. Mercury's Rise. Poisoned Pen Press. 11/1/2011. Mystery

Rees, Matt. Mozart's Last Aria. Harper Perennial. 11/1/2011.

Shepard, Sara. Everything We Ever Wanted. Harper Paperbacks. 10/11/2011.

Stabenow, Dana. Restless in the Grave. Minotaur Books. 2/14/2012. Mystery

Toews, Miriam. Irma Voth. Harper. 9/6/2011.

Urrea, Luis Alberto. Queen of America. Little Brown and Company. 11/28/2011.

Zeltserman, Dave. A Killer's Essence. Overlook Press. 9/21/2011.

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