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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watergate, an adventurous dog, the next Hunger Games and vampires

Which books are special in my last order? A fictional book about Watergate by Thomas Mallon (apropriately called Watergate). Library Journal says the funny historical novel stars "a cast of clowns and self-serving creeps who make the familiar story a veritable opera buffa."

If you liked The Hunger Games, put a reserve on Pure by Julianna Baggott. In this postapocalyptic world an event called the "Detonations" left the survivors scarred, burned and required at 16 to become soldiers, or live targets if they're too damaged to serve. Some, called Pures, were safe inside the "Dome" during the disaster. One of the Pures finds out that his mother might be still alive outside the Dome and goes to look for her.

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey is a "fairy tale with an edge." In 1920, a childless couple homesteading in Alaska creates a child out of snow. In the morning the snow child is gone, but a blonde-haired girl appears in the woods and they begin to love her as a daughter. The publicist for this novel said "Ivey's work is why we all in our various ways go into this book business."     
Watergate, Pure and The Snow Child will be released in February.

In the Sci-Fi novel The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen, a Department of Historical Integrity agent has to stop "historical agitators" (or hags) from trying to prevent the world's great disasters from occuring. How can their society have their "perfect" present if they can't learn lessons from horrific mistakes in the past? (To me this book sounds like the opposite of the premise in Isaac Asimov's The End of Eternity.)

 A book for dog lovers, Roam: A Novel with Music by Alan Lazar is writen from the point of view of Nelson, a half-beagle, half poodle mix, who goes on an Incredible Journey type of adventure back to his "Great Love," his owner. It's "a touching page-turner" says Publisher's Weekly.

The third book in Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain" vampire invasion series, The Night Eternal, comes out just in time for Halloween. 

Look below, there's more you'll like! 
Baggott, Julianna. Pure. Grand Central Publishing. 2/8/2012.

Bazell, Josh. Wild Thing. Reagan Arthur Books. 2/8/2012.

Bertrand, J. Mark. Pattern of Wounds. Bethany House Publishers. 7/1/2011.

Buchanan, Edna. A Dark and Lonely Place. Simon & Schuster. 11/8/2011.

Cooper, Karina. Blood of the Wicked: A Dark Mission Novel. Avon Books. 5/31/2011.

Crombie, Deborah. No Mark Upon Her. William Morrow & Company. 2/7/2012. Mystery

Day, Alyssa. Vampire in Atlantis. Berkley Sensation. 6/7/2011.

del Toro, Guillermo. The Night Eternal: Book Three of the Strain Trilogy. William Morrow & Company. 10/25/2011.

DeLaney, Frank. The Last Storyteller. Random House. 2/7/2012.

Dorsey, Tim. Pineapple Grenade. William Morrow & Company. 1/24/2012.

Dorsey, Tim. When Elves Attack: A Joyous Christmas Greeting from the Criminal Nutbars of the Sunshine State. William Morrow &; Company. 10/25/2011.

Duenas, Maria. The Time in Between. Atria Books. 11/8/2011.

Duffy, Erin. Bond Girl. William Morrow &; Company. 1/24/2012.

Funder, Anna. All That I Am. HarperCollins. 2/7/2012.

Fury, Dalton. Black Site: A Delta Force Novel. St. Martin's Press. 1/31/2012.

Gray, Shelley Shepard. Christmas in Sugarcreek: A Christmas Seasons of Sugarcreek Novel. Avon Inspire. 10/25/2011.

Green, Simon R.  For Heaven's Eyes Only: A Secret Histories Novel. Roc. 6/7/2011.

Hand, Elizabeth. Available Dark: A Thriller. Minotaur Books. 2/14/2012.

Harstad, Johan. Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion? Seven Stories Press. 6/7/2011.

Hatcher, Robin Lee. Belonging. Zondervan. 8/16/2011.

Higley, T. L. Pompeii: City on Fire. B&H Publishing Group. 6/1/2011.

Hore, Rachel. A Place of Secrets. Holt McDougal. 1/31/2012.

Houston, Pam. Contents May Have Shifted. W. W. Norton & Company. 2/6/2012.

Ivey, Eowyn. The Snow Child. Little Brown and Company. 2/1/2012.

Jensen, Nancy. The Sisters. St. Martin's Press. 11/8/2011.

Kennedy, Douglas. Temptation. Atria Books. 4/24/2012.

Lazar, Alan. Roam: A Novel with Music. Atria Books. 11/1/2011.

Leon, Bonnie. Wings of Promise. Fleming H. Revell Company. 8/1/2011.

Lindsey, Johanna. When Passion Rules. Gallery Press. 6/14/2011. Romance

Livesey, Margot. The Flight of Gemma Hardy. Harper. 1/24/2012.

Love, Dorothy. Beyond All Measure. Thomas Nelson Publishers. 5/31/2011.

Ludlum, Robert P. Robert Ludlum's the Janson Command. Grand Central Publishing. 2/14/2012.

Mallon, Thomas. Watergate. Pantheon Books. 2/21/2012.

Mason, Richard. History of a Pleasure Seeker. Knopf Publishing Group. 2/7/2012.

Neuman, Andres. Traveler of the Century. Farrar Straus Giroux. 3/13/2012.

Novak, Brenda. Inside. Mira Books. 6/28/2011. Romance

Odell, Jonathan. The Healing. Nan A. Talese. 2/21/2012.

Patterson, James. Private: #1 Suspect. Little Brown and Company. 1/2/2012.

Pearl, Matthew. The Technologists. Random House. 2/21/2012.

Quinn, Julia. Just Like Heaven. Avon Books. 5/31/2011. Romance

Richards, Caroline. The Darkest Sin. Brava. 6/1/2011. Romance

Roberts, Sheila. The Nine Lives of Christmas. St. Martin's Press. 10/25/2011. Romance

Robinson, Peter. Before the Poison. William Morrow & Company. 2/7/2012.

Robotham, Michael. Bleed for Me. Mulholland Books. 2/27/2012.

Sands, Lynsay. The Bite Before Christmas. William Morrow & Company. 10/25/2011. Romance

Woodrell, Daniel. The Outlaw Album: Stories. Little Brown and Company. 10/5/2011.

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