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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Movies from Melissa

 Melissa's Movie Expertise: Check these out!

Do you have some time off next week- time to watch movies? Here are some titles worth borrowing.

 Dark Comedies 

Off color stories that will make you laugh 

 1) Death at a funeral
2) Heathers
3) Arsenic and old lace
4) Choke
5) Death becomes her
6) Better off dead
7) Novocaine
8) I love you to death
9) Operation Endgame
10) Bernie

 Romance with a twist 

 Looking for a romantic movie that is not rehashed ideas and predictable story lines? 

Then try these:

1) Harold and Maude
2) The Lake house
3) I love you Phillip Morris
4) 50 First Dates
5) Punch drunk love
6) Secretary
7) Wristcutters
8) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Unconventional Heroes

Here are some great anti-hero films:

1) Super
2) Kick-Ass
3) Defendor
4) Hellboy
5) Special
6) Unbreakable
7) Sin City
8) The Watchmen
9) Blade

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