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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Picks in New Fic

Here are some highlights from the books just ordered:

The Six-Liter Club by Harry Kraus
Written by a surgeon, this medical drama features the Medical College of Virginia's first black female trauma surgeon, Dr. Camille Weller. On her first day, she saves a patient who has lost six liters of blood and thus enters the elite group of surgeons who have managed this feat. However, her rising star hits the ceiling as she breaks the established rules, faces discrimination and has to deal with horrific memories of her childhood in the Congo. Publishers Weekly says "Kraus's story clips along at a fast pace, and his readers will appreciate how candidly the surgeon writer portrays the real world of operating rooms and their attending staffs."

When Auda is born an albino in medieval France, her nurse believes she will be susceptible to influence by the devil and has her tongue cut out to prevent her from spreading his lies. Auda's father is a papermaker, an up and coming profession as paper begins to replace parchment as a medium for the written word. Auda becomes her father's assistant, learns to read, and becomes a scribe for the local nobility and finds romance. She even begins to express herself through poetry. However, her independent spirit gets her in trouble with the Inquisition.  

Self-absorbed and neurotic Kevin Quinn flies to Austin for a job interview during a terrorism scare. He sits next to a beautiful woman who reminds him of a long lost love. He decides to spend the day following the woman around and in the meantime obsesses about past relationships. Kevin might come across as unlikeable but his rants about academic politics and air disasters are "wickedly funny" according to Booklist. And then, wait until the end! Publishers Weekly wrote "The final 50 pages are unlike anything in the recent literature of our response to terrorism, a tour-de-force of people ennobled in the face of random horror."

 The beginning of an exciting new fantasy trilogy. I'll just give you the publisher's description: "When young Wynter Moorehawke returns to court with her dying father, but she finds her old home shadowed with fear. The king has become a violent despot, terrorizing those he once loved. His son and heir Alberon has fled into exile and now there are whispers everywhere of rebellion. Meanwhile, Alberon's half-brother Razi has been elevated to his throne. He struggles to meet his King's demands while remaining loyal to his beloved brother and to his friend-Wynter. Now, she must choose- her father or her dreams, her friend or her king, her duty... or her love."

A fun romance involving a wronged woman, a theatre company and a genie. Hilarious characters, a sweet love story and magical elements are sure to bring you a good time as you read this book.

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